Thank you fox 8 for having us!

All of Our Signs Are Hand Painted and Made From Recycled Wood

Please keep in mind that each of our signs are one of a kind, so they will never be exactly replicated. We try to match the sizing of the wood as close as possible to the dimensions in the descriptions, but we cannot guarantee exact sizes because we use recycled wood. Depending on the wood, the color of the stain can end up looking different than the picture, which gives the end result an entirely different look!

All-Natural Soy Based Candles


2 FOR $30

Welcome to B-Cozy Home Decor! As a couple, we have combined our creativity with our passion for rustic home decor and preserving this wonderful planet we all call home. In 2017, we decided to share our passion and our hand made, one of a kind gifts with the rest of the world. Everything you'll find within our catalogue is an original piece and is made at our home and woodshop. In our small, but impactful, means to assist in anti-deforestation efforts, all wood products are made from 100% recycled lumber. All of our signs are hand-painted and can be customized. We also use an all-natural soy based wax to make our long lasting candles. Now take a modern day step back in time with us and find just what you and your loved ones need to B-Cozy at home all year round.